Batam Island, Indonesia: Crown Vista Hotel Review (Overnight)

Crown Vista Hotel in Batam is one of the cheapest hotel option you can get if you want to book a 2D1N Batam Tour.

Batam Tour Experience link: here.

Since this was one of the cheapest, I have managed my expectations even before arriving at the hotel but it's actually a lot better than I thought.

After the whole day tour, we were picked up at a mall and headed straight to the hotel. This is quite far from the city center since it's located in a hill/high place. 

Check in was fast and the staff were all courteous and helpful. Haaay! Having to carry all your things for two days then suddenly have someone to carry them for you?? Priceless. haha. 

This was our room.

It's huge.

Much bigger and more beautiful than the rooms I got in SG, tbh and Crown Vista's cheaper.

I was only looking forward to a comfortable bed to sleep in and there in our room was a bath tub... <3

Yep, it's not the cleanest nor the most updated hotel you can stay in but our experience was really okay. It was a quiet stay - for people who prefer staycations and relaxing stay without a lot of things to do then this is it.

Dinner is included in the package.

Except for the fried ice cream, we didn't pay for anything since they were all included in the package. I've liked Nasi Goreng eversince the first time I had it in Malaysia so I've no complains with the dinner either. 

The view was the greatest factor in deciding that we'll stay in Crown Vista. Our room didn't have a view but staying at this part was free so that's fine. Should you get the bigger rooms then you'll be able to get rooms with verandas where you can see Batam skyline. 

Overlooking Indonesia <3

Such a beautiful way to end the night. 

The morning buffet was okay too. There are several food items to choose from. If all else fails, you have the option to have cereals and fresh milk. lol

Overall, it was a pleasant overnight stay made better by the view of Batam. :)))

Wasn't able to try the pool since I was worrying that wet clothes will be heavy to carry and we were heading back to Singapore on the same day.

We checked out by 11:30 and there outside waiting was our shuttle to the Ferry Center... and just like that, we were on our way back to Singapore.

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