Sundays, The Corner Market, Podium Mall, Ortigas

Sundays at the Corner Market is from Merry Moo - so it's your Merry Moo experience that just got better. Now with more flavors, sizes and toppings. 

Sundays' Pricelist

I had my first scoop of Merry Moo artisan ice cream back in 2012 when I first it in Mercato Centrale. Since then, I think I bought their ice cream everytime we went on food bazaars but the only flavors I ordered were Avocado and Seasalt Caramel. 

So, for my Sundays experience, it was anything but these two ice cream flavors above. No doubt that these are best-sellers so I went for a different flavor this time. 

Cones for Belgian Cone lovers

They also have soft-served ice cream in Sundays. Talagang Yay All Day!

Unlike their regular artisan ice creams though, they only have limited selection of their soft-served and they alternate the flavors daily. 

I got BLACK SESAME OREO. I've never seen this flavor combination before so it was worth a try. It's a cookies and cream ice cream made better. On your first spoon, you'll taste the nutty taste of toasted black sesame. You'll also see chunks of oreo in it.

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