Busan, South Korea: 해월정/Haewoljeong

According to one website, Haewoljeong is "a pavilion constructed specifically for moon-viewing at Dalmajigil or ‘Moon-Viewing Hill’ which separates Haeundae beach and Songjeong beach."

I saw this pavillion at the end of the "traverse trail" from Moon-tan Road to the roads for car... lolz

It's not a big pavillion so this might get packed on days/nights of moon viewing. I think, catching sunrise from this place would be beautiful as well.

No one was there with me that afternoon but as usual, it's fine because I appreciate these moments of silence whenever I'm outside.

Probably the reason why when I was hanging out in Hongdae in Seoul, I felt very uncomfortable walking along with the sea of people 'cause for a month in Busan this kind of sea was all I know. HAHAHA! Dami arte, e noh

Putting my camera in somewhere with a flat surface and just set a timer for a picture was okay in most places but it was too windy here that it felt unsafe. Can't take risks! haha! 

This was the first time I saw Gwangan Bridge. 

That shore on the right of the picture is Haeundae Beach, the small hill is Dongbaekseom and the forested area on the left is Igidae. 

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