Busan, South Korea: Dalmaji-gil and Moontan Road

When I went to Busan, I didn't have a proper itinerary of the places that I wanted to visit. In fact, the only things that came to mind were Gamcheon Cultural Village and the apartment shooting location in Fight For My Way. I didn't research much but when I got there and settled in Jangsan, Haeundae, I spent one night outlining my places of interests that are mostly TREKKING/HIKING PLACES especially 'cause Jang Mountain's trail head was only 20 minutes from where I lived. :)) I was able to go to some of those places alone... probably the reason why I enjoyed Busan so much is the presence of hiking places. <3

From home, I tried to find Dalmaji-Gil. I walked around and got to this wooden walkway. The thing with travelling/walking alone is even if you don't know where you're going and got lost or no matter how tiring it is, you don't have to worry about making someone feel uncomfortable and exhausted.

Well, yeah. I got lost trying to find this walkway but when I found it... I wasn't even sure. HAHAHA! So as usual, I continued walking, walking, and walking... 

I have seen pictures of Dalmaji-gil during Spring when Cherry blossoms along the streets are all blooming and it was very beautiful! I wish I can come back to Busan again in the future for Spring. Anyway, I know that it won't be the same for everyone but having this whole place by myself for most of the time that afternoon was something that I think I prefer more than walking here with a lot of people. lol. 

I continued walking until I reached the trailhead for Moon Tan Road. I looked at the time and then when I saw that I had enough before sunset, I decided to walk inside and see where this trail leads. 

Moon Tan is the night version of Sun Tan. Gets? :)) This is the place to go when you want to walk at night, look at the moon, and do "moon bathing" Walking on this road on the hill of Busan, the moon feels near. I wish we have something like this in the Philippines as well. :( Kulang ng parks dito sa QC!! :((( 

The light source on the left side of the picture above? Those lights up at night... although yeah, I don't think I walk here alone at night. Haha! 

I went here on my third day in Busan and back then I didn't know that I'll be doing these kinds of walk alone in the woods. Hahaha! This is a good time if you want to try conversing with yourself. hahaha!

Busan has Galmaetgil Trails... I never had a copy of the map but I saw the signs in some of the places that I went to. 

Dalmaji Gil is the first part of the Galmaet- gil. 

I've walked through most of Galmaet-gil in a span of one month.. some residents I've talked to actually joked about it that I knew Busan more than them. Hahaha! 

Soon, I reached the viewing deck. This is where people wait or look at the moon once they're in Moontan Road. 

Can you see the forested mountain on the left at the picture above? Well, I once walked from the left-most end of that to the bridge (on the right) hahaha! It's called Igidae Coastal Walk, more than six kilometers, and it's my favorite activity/place in Busan. I'll blog about it next time. 

While taking pictures here, I met one grandfather/harabuji... I conversed with him in Korean and although I can't understand some of things he was saying because I'm really bad at comprehending Busan accents (back then...) I felt very welcomed when he told me that I should just live in Busan! HAHAHA! 

Since this was the first coastal walk I did there, I really felt in awe. :)) 

I love the combination of the scent of the ocean and pine trees. <3 

I didn't took it to heart that it's really dangerous...
I fell inlove....
I fell inlove with Busan's charm. huhuhuhu 

After taking picutres, I decided to walk back to the trail and continued walking until I saw that there's a pavilion and there are two options to get there.

One was to walk around, and the other was to climb straight up. HAHAHAHAHA! I did the latter. Wiw strong! Traverse mag-isa. hahaha! There was a trail but it seemed that not a lot of people pass through it so I was glad when I saw someone trimming the trees. 

How to get here?

Subway: Jangsan Station (end of green line), then take a cab/bus

or walk from the subway station

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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