Busan, South Korea: Haeundae Beach at Night

If there's one place in Busan that I couldn't even count how many times I've been to, that's Haeundae Beach. 

The most memorable, though, was during one night of the Chuseok Festival/Mid-autumn Festival

Haeundae on an autumn night is usually quiet and it doesn't even get this packed and filled with people on a regular weekend night. 

The thing with long travel is you actually have the time to sit, relax and not worry about the next place/item in your itinerary.

If you're not the type of person who would prefer to lie down on the sand, you can watch street performers in their designated places along Haeundae... you can also restaurant hop in all the establishments near the beach. 

Beach with my favorite soju and with some of the favorite people I met in this Busan trip. <3

The thing with Korea and liquor is you can just actually buy a bottle of liquor in a convenience store and walk around drinking it and still, no one minds. It's a milder version of Las Vegas Strip... hahaha. Kaya naman pala gusto ko ganon. :)) But yeah, I'm all for the crazy but still responsible drunk... basta walang violent drunk! 

Spent couple of hours people watching, moon watching while listening to the sounds of the waves and learning more about Korean culture/daily life. 

I have always wanted to spend a night this way kaya this night was really special... full moon pa! 

Although I'm a "solo-traveler," it doesn't mean that I am always alone. Some of the most interesting and fine nights happen when shared with crazy new friends. Hahaha!

Lighting up fireworks by the beach is prohibited but even the guy who drives back and forth in mobile to stop everyone couldn't do anything HAHAHAHAHA

I kinda felt bad for him 'cause he was only doing his job but watching him stopping people who pretends to be apologetic only to light up fireworks again once he leaves was actually funny and interesting. 

During summer, Haeundae transforms to a very busy beach where you can rent parasols so I don't think you won't have this much space during summer season. 

One of my favorite places in Busan right there. <3

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