Busan, South Korea: Zooraji in Shinsegae, Centum City

Shinsegae is our go-to place since this Guiness World Records holder as the largest shopping complex in the world is only 15 minutes away from home via subway. Not to mention that Park Seo Joon models for Shinsegae and that they have one of the best food market/food court options that I know of in Busan. hahaha! 

Since we've been in this area for a lot of times, I tried searching the hashtag Centum City in Instragram to look for picture spots and we saw this garden with dinosaurs. Same dinosaur display in Annam Park of Songdo. hehe! 

The garden is not too big but since there weren't a lot of people, it was nice and quiet enough. 

The viewing area facing the river, Naru park and BIFF. 

My autumn foliage experience, I got them all from Centum City area. Hahaha! 

 I would actually prefer a day in a park rather than a day in a mall so finding this quiet place in Shinsegae, I was happy. Hehe! So sad lang that I wasn't able to try watching a movie there especially when Busan International Film Festival was ongoing when I was in Busan.

As far as I know, there's a also a spaland and ice skating rink here in Shinsegae. 

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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