Busan, South Korea: Hanbok Experience Hall in BEXCO

It's not unusual to see tourists wearing Hanbok whenever they're roaming around the different tourist spots in South Korea. I haven't done that though and I didn't even think that I will also try fitting one but my friends wanted to so I went with them. :)) 

Yup, while I don't fancy walking around dressed in Hanbok, trying it in this room was something I wanted to do. Haha! Don't get me wrong though. I used to roam around in malls, hotels, and schools wearing hanbok before when I was still volunteering as a traditional dance dancer in Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines.

This Hanbok Experience Hall in BEXCO is a free place to try Hanbok although you'd have to go there earlier to reserve your slot just to be sure that you'll be in schedule since only one group (maximum of five persons) per thirty minutes is allowed to enter. 


It was a weekday afternoon when we went here so there were available slots and we were only asked to wait for the next half hour before we had our turn. 

Before the 30 minutes start, they first showed us some of the items on display and explained about everything. 

Oppa hahahaha

For the gold hair accessory, the longer and the heavier, the higher position that lady holds. The longest above was the one worn by the queen.

For girls, make sure to bring your hair tie 'cause you're not allowed to have your hair down whenever wearing Hanbok. 

I wanted to take decent pictures but I don't think I was able to. Hahaha!

Say hi to me in Hanbok and the peeping monkey socks.

30 minutes for 3 persons was enough time and we took as much pictures as we like.



There is also a photobooth where you can take pictures with some of the tourist attractions in Busan as your backdrop. I had my picture of Centum City and Igidae for only 1,000 KRW each. Not bad!! 

And actually, if you take a picture of your picture and upload it on your SNS account then you'll be getting a gift - it's a frame for the printed picture in this case. 

Address: 1F, BEXCO Auditorium, 55, APEC-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan
Directions: Centum City (BEXCO, Shinsegae) Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 1. Walk for approx. 2 min.

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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