Busan, South Korea: Busan Tower and Yongdusan Park

I've gone to Busan Tower thrice during my one month stay in Busan because I accompanied friends in the area. I only paid for the Observation deck during my first time and I just waited for them at Yongdusan Park during the other two because I didn't want to pay the entrance fee anymore. 

Entrance fee to the Observation Deck: 8,000 KRW

This place surrounding Busan Tower is a good place for a day trip because it's in the center of almost all the places you'd want to visit in Busan - you have Gamcheon Cultural Village, Taejongdae Resort, BIFF Square, Chinatown, Kkangttong, Jagalchi and Gukje Markets etc nearby.

Aside from the first time, what we always did when we went here though was window shop in the nearby markets and then head up Yongdusan before sunset.

Unlike Namsan Tower in Seoul which is very much like a commercialized area already, Busan Tower is quiet. To think that it is just escalators away from the crowded BIFF square area and you get this kind of "park fee" is amazing to me. 

There's one coffee shop and convenience store here though there's a food stall inside the tower and they offer food combos with Busan Tower entrance fee.

The main observatory is not big and it can actually become really crowded so we didn't stay there for long. 

I like being at high places but in Busan Tower, I enjoyed the art exhibits on the way down more than the observation deck. 

There's a Gong Cha store on the left side before the elevator going up and I just couldn't resist buying a cup even if I wasn't really supposed to spend much on unnecessary stuff. But it's Seo Joon so... :))

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Busan Tower Ticket

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