ChickaPig at 8 Seas Food Park Adventure, Timog Avenue

Like what their name says, ChickaPig serves mostly chicken and pork. If you're into fried foods then this is a must-try 'cause you can get delicious foods at very reasonable prices.

I'm not into spicy foods but for those who do, you have three options for the hotness level: mild, hot, and superhot. 

Even if food items were paired with rice on their combo meals, my initial reaction was that their food are perfect for pulutan.  Not surprisingly, while looking at their menu they have a PULUTAN PLATTER worth P 220.00 which consists of Bagnet, Chicken Wings, Nachos, and Karaage.

Anyway, photos below are ALA CARTE servings.

Chicken Karaage (BBQ)
P 110.00 

Chicken Karaage (Sour Cream)
P 110.00

Their Karaage is my favorite of all the food that we had that night. These crunchy bite-sized chicken are generously covered with powder flavoring that I can't stop eating. I don't drink often and when I do, it's usually one of those chimaek (chicken and beer) nights so I was thinking of that while eating this! hahaha! I can say that this karaage especially the BBQ one is my kind of pulutan! 

Garlic Parmesan Wings
P 145.00

Like their Karaage, these wings were crunchy as well. I liked the bigger slices of garlic but this as well as the next two viands below, I'll have them with rice.

Crispy Bagnet
P 115.00

Although this was a bit fatty, the skin was crunchy while the meat was tender. 

Bagnet Sisig
P 135.00

My second favorite is their Sizzling Bagnet Sisig. Funny 'cause I didn't eat the layer of fat in my bagnet yet even if I knew that this sisig is fatty as well since it's also bagnet, I just kept on eating. 

8 Seas Food Park Adventure
122 Timog Avenue, Sacred Heart, Quezon City

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