Bell Church, La Trinidad, Benguet

If you're commuting from Baguio to La Trinidad, this will be a good itinerary since the places are jeepney rides away.

From Burnham Park, you may ride a jeepney going to La Trinidad and ask the driver to drop you off at the street/entrance of Bell Church and just walk towards it.

After Bell Church, walk out towards the street and continue walking (right if you're facing the street) and you'll reach The Colors of Stobosa. 

Once you're done taking photos in Stobosa, you can ride a jeepney again to the Strawberry Fields. 

It's easy to get there from Manila and it's also easy to navigate in Baguio especially when there's not too much people. I've experienced Baguio on a long weekend and the traffic congestion was so bad that I'd rather stay home. Nonetheless, Baguio remains to be my happy place. 

I have photos from Baguio taken from the first time I went here some 20 years ago so I was glad to be able to visit here on my own.... two years ago. HAHAHA! Bakit ang bilis?! I have a lot of backlogs as in super but I'm trying to upload them now and I just realized that this Baguio trip happened in 2017 pa! 

Not like Baguio City and Strawberry fields, there aren't a lot of people in this Taoist Temple which was kinda surprising 'cause all along, since I had pictures here like I mentioned earlier, I thought that this place is as famous as Mines View Park but yeah, given that most people here are Roman Catholic baka they're not interested. Gusto ko lang din kasi talaga nagpupunta sa temples.

We only stayed in the middle part of the place near the fountain 'cause the gate leading to the staircase was locked. We also didn't know what to do should be enter the church so we didn't. 

Reminded me a lot of the Taoist Temple we visited in Cebu though this is a lot smaller. 

Going here might be hard for older people though 'cause you'd have stairs to climb to get to the church. 

  But yeah, if you want to try going to a Chinese Temple then you should definitely stop by this area. 


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