Busan, South Korea: Jang Mountain Solo Hike from Haeundae

Composing this blog post with that kind of face above 'cause I miss Haeundae, Busan. </3 I miss having long walks that lead to the mountain and to the beach. I miss the cold weather and the food. Yep, if there's one place in this world that I always have separation anxiety with, that has to be Haeundae. 

One afternoon while walking around on my own, I reached Daechon Park (above). I glanced at the clock and I was like, 에라 모르겠 and I went straight to the hiking trail and see what's up there. And that, my friend, was my first ever solo hike :)))

With nothing but my water and camera, I decided to continue walking and see where the trail leads me. I had less than three hours to complete the trail that time so I had to walk fast and take the easy trail. haha!

The trail is well-paved but the lack of signage made me think a lot of times if I was on the right trail but once in a while, another hiker will pass by me and that's when I'm reassured that I am not lost.

It was easy. No need for a complete hiking outfit though that's the common practice in Korea. It's unusual to see a hiker that is not dressed like a hiker. If you know what I'm saying :))

This trail was long with some steep ascents but bearable. It will lead you to an exercise area that I have no picture of and from there the staircase/ steps is not more than a 10 minutes walk. 

I was in awe the first time I saw this view. AS IN. SHET. ANG GANDA.

Above you can see Gwangan Bridge. The buildings on the right are part of the Marine City area and the stretch of "forested area" on the left is called the Igidae Coastal Walk which I have posted about as well. In the farther part of the picture above, is the part of Busan which may be more familiar to you especially if you're watching a lot of Korean dramas.

Gamcheon Cultural Village should be somewhere there and the Namil Villa, the residence of Ko Dong Man and Choi Ae-ra in the drama Fight For My Way. 

At the back is MY neighborhood in Busan, it's called Jangsan (since it's at the base of Jangsan Mountain) and the taller buildings are the high-rise buildings along Haeundae. 

Will always be home <3

 Kapag walang taga-picture, tamang patong lang ng camera kung saan saan. ahaha!

I'm thinking of going back to Busan again and if that happens, I'll make sure to go hiking in Jangsan and I will surely reach the peak that time. <3 There's also a Eulalia Grass area in somewhere and it's beautiful as well!

Descend was harder than the ascent 'cause some parts of the trail felt slippery. 

To get here:

Take the subway to Jangsan Station and from Exit 10 just continue walking to Daecheon Park. You won't get lost, just follow the trail on the side of the river. 

Suggested itinerary for this side of Busan that will include a lot of walking:

Morning/Sunrise at Haedong Yonggungsa
Lunch somewhere in Jangsan Neighborhood
Daecheon Park and Start Hiking
Instead of going back to Jangsan, exit the park at Haeundae side.

Either, continue towards Dongbaekseom for another coastal walk
Or explore Haeundae Traditional Market

Wait for the sunset along Haeundae Beach and just sit on the shore. Buy your snack from the restaurants and convenience store and eat by the beach. <3 <3 <3 


Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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