Japan 2019: "Hanami" at Ohori Park, Fukuoka

First Time in Japan: Northern Kyushu Itinerary, Expenses and Travel Tips (From Hakata in Fukuoka)

Hanami is "flower viewing"

We gave up on seeing cherry blossoms for our trip but thankfully, there were some blooming sakura trees in Ohori Park... as in maipilit lang na may inabutan kaming cherry blossoms... :)))

Getting to the park was easy because there's a subway station near it (ohori ko-en station). We bought our breakfast from a nearby convenience store and looked for a bench beside the lake in Ohori Park where we ate at before walking around.

Ohori means "moat" in Japanese for this place once served as a moat for the nearby Fukuoka Castle. 

Old men were feeding the birds and it was fun watching them.

This bridge will lead you to an island and a pavilion on the lake. 

We walked around the park and then we spotted several small cherry blossom trees which were filled with blooming flowers. :))))  So happy!

Ito 'yung totoong maipilit lang eh. :))

expectation vs. reality but still breathtaking <3

First time seeing a real cherry blossom tree and it's so beautiful that you'd think it's not real.

Crossing out items on my bucketlist one at a time. I've always wanted to see this tree in person and not only did I see some in Japan this year, I also saw a different kind of cherry blossom tree when I was in NYC. 

Feel na feel ang selfie, e noh. Kala mo talaga madami. :)))

I don't remember my face being that clear and smooth but yeah, my face kinda liked the cool weather of Spring and Autumn. I don't even put powder to set my bb cream whenever I travel in colder places - sa Pilipinas, good luck. Makalimutan mo na lahat wag lang pulbos :))

KABOGERA 'yung selfie from this tree.

Well, make it work nga 'di ba. Won't complain 'cause we were giving up on the whole cherry blossom viewing that time already - thank the heavens for the early bloomers of Ohori! I wasn't able to take a photos but there were several food trucks in the area as well. We bought takoyaki which we brought to the next park where we ate at.

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