Japan 2019: Back in Hakata and Don Quijote Shopping, Fukuoka

First Time in Japan: Northern Kyushu Itinerary, Expenses and Travel Tips (From Hakata in Fukuoka)

We took our time sipping our frappucinos in Starbucks, Dazaifu that we didn't notice that there was no one around anymore. It was only when we headed out the establishment did we realize that the bustling street earlier that day has become a street filled with closed shops even before sunset so we were surprised. 

Dazaifu Tenmagu Shrine link: here.
Woodworks of Starbucks Dazaifu link: here. 

We went back to Hakata Station and our hotel to rest for a bit before heading out again and some shopping at the nearest Don Quijote Shop (donki).

Ramen dinner at Kabawata Arcade link: here.
The Life Hostel and Bar Lounge (accommodation) link: here.

This branch was only walking distance from were we stayed in Fukuoka. I was kinda ready for matcha shopping 'cause I've added it in my budget beforehand or so I thought I did...

I didn't expect it to be this bad though... or should I say this tempting. I was overwhelmed with all the matcha snack/choices and that I ended up buying a lot more than what I was planning to. 

They have this whole shelf dedicated to matcha products and these aren't everything they have - there were more choices as we walked around the whole store. This branch isn't as huge as branches but  I had a difficult time choosing which ones to purchase already. Imagine going to a three-storey Tokyo branch...

The other thing that would make you want to buy more is because the items here are cheaper.. just look at the matcha kitkat that costs 298 Yen. Convert that to PHP then it'd be something around 150.00 and you'd still be able to minus the amount of tax in your purchase. And of course, since it was so enticing to buy stuff there I bought a lot more aside from the matcha goodies.

Lots of kitkat options. <3

Photos below are some of many things you can buy in Donki. It's a one stop shop of just about anything (even clothing and luxury bags and watches) so beware if you're impulsive like me 'cause you might definitely go out of budget. My matcha hoarding tendencies won while I was out here shopping considering that I don't shop that much whenever I go out of the country. HAHAHAHAHA. 

I've always loved meiji products and I've hoarded them as well especially meltykiss matcha and those chocolate covered macadamias. Half of the price when sold here in the Philippines!! 

There were a lot of other tourists shopping and the aisle can get a little bit cramped because of the volume of shoppers. Nonetheless, the only time we queued on a line was when we were claiming the tax refund. For the rest of the experience, it was fine and costly. lol. 

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