South Korea: KTX's Singyeongju Station to Bulguksa, Gyeongju

We had another ticket for an unlimited KTX ride from Busan so instead of riding the train straight to Seoul, we decided to side trip in Gyeongju first. We didn't have a lot of time since we needed to be back in Seoul at 7 PM again. 

We didn't get to eat breakfast at the hotel and we wanted to try something that originated here in Gyeongju but it was too early that the restaurants in the station were still closed. We didn't have enough time to go around the city area to look for restaurants so we went with our savior - convenience store kimbap. 😂

This was 3,500 KRW. 
Not bad.

I had a bottled water with me back then so this was all I bought for that morning. 

We also put our stuff in the lockers so we don't have to carry all those around in the temple. The rent for a locker was 6,000 KRW but my friend and I were able to fit all our stuff in one so we only paid 3,000 KRW each. Also, we reserved seats for the train ride from Gyeongju to Seoul before exiting the station.

For the bus fare from Singyeongju to Bulguksa, I wasn't able to take note of it since I always use my T-money and just reload 10,000 KRW everytime I run out of money there. 

Infairness to me, writing about this now doesn't bring me pain anymore. HAHAHA! I'm supposed to be in South Korea again for Autumn 2020 but yep, stuck here in PH slowly trying to find (the meaning of) life. 😂

I'm back to saying this again but I don't know when and I don't know how but I'm returning to you one day, SK! 💖

Kinikilig talaga ko kapag nakikita ko na ganito 'yung color ng trees. 

We spent several minutes outside the station because of the trees and while waiting for the Singyeongju - Bulguksa bus # 700. There's a direct route so getting lost isn't a problem. 

I surely would love to go back here one day and explore more of the city center. There are definitely a lot more attractions here in Gyeongju aside from Bulguksa. Needed to sacrifice 'cause of time constraints.

The travel time from Gyeongju to Seoul via KTX is 2 hours and 10 minutes.

I forgot what time we went back to Singyeongju but we arrived in Seoul before 7 PM.

Ahahahaha. 'Yan pala itsura ko last year. 😂 This was last October, that trip that I waited for before doing/joining CGM so yeah, the last lakwatsa... last with rebonded hair lang ah, hindi last lakwatsa talaga. Wag namannnnnn. 😆😆😆 


Some parts of our lives don't work out the way we want to but those things don't have to define who we're becoming. Okay lang to go with the flow kung hindi natin makita ang bigger picture. This is all a chapter in my journey so I'm trusting this path wherever this may lead. Lahat naman tayo e hindi inasahan 'yung ganito pero wala eh, kailangan talaga bumangon. HAHAHAHAHA. Kaya ayan, paulit-ulit ako, kasi kailangan ko talaga ulit-ulitin sa sarili ko dahil nakakalimutan ko minsan. Huuyyyy, bata pa tayo, Tintin para sumuko. AHHAAHHAHA.

Nag-edit na ko ng mga past travel photos ko tapos nilagyan ko ng EVERYTHING, IN TIME pero bulk edit kaya 'yung iba halos hindi mabasa. Gusto ko na nga palitan pangalan nitong blog ko bigla kaso sobrang impulsive ko na naman kaya ayan, lagay ko na lang sa dulo ng each post na mailalagay pa rito. Hehehehe! Kasi kasi kasi, will begin again. 💖 

I was tagged this photo the other day from one of my friends I met in Busan 2018. This is what I was talking about when I made a photo essay about Busan before link: here. Their memories of Busan have me in it and mine has them in it - 'cause at one point, it was a shared lives and memories for us. I replied in a DM after I reposted this and I told her, "Wish we could go back to the time when all we did was travel, eat and wait until our shift ends so we can go back to travelling and eating."

I suddenly miss them. 🥺 This is the price I pay for knowing and getting close with people in more than one place. 🥺 This is the sad part of loving people far away from you talaga, noh. 🥺
I want to give them big and tight hugs but we're miles away. I reached a point when the world felt small but bumalik na naman sa parang anlayo at ang hirap gawin ng lahat. Haaaay! 🥺 
For now, this is me hoping that we'll all get our sincere smiles back. 

Life, ito na po ba 'yung "Good old days?" Kasi babalikan ko na lang sa kwento mga 'yan? HAHAHAHA. Natatawa na lang ako. Hindi na masakit. May acceptance na kasi. Na itong part na 'to, hindi na question mark, natuldukan na. Kaso ito ngayong present na pumalit e ayaw patalo, hindi nakuntento kaya hindi lang question mark ang inabot ko, kailangan na rin ng ellipsis at semicolon na laging may exclamation point. Kahit maraming tanong at hindi sigurado (?), andito pa rin 'yung walang hanggang pasasalamat (!) at moving forward kasi umaasa na life is going to get better from here. This is still an unfinished journey (...), our life isn't over yet (;).  

We came all the way here; even so, we have to move further (and farther para sa mga kapwa wanderlust 😁).
To be continued...
What may come next?

Thank You!
All for Your glory!

Everything, in time. 💖

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