South Korea: Gwangan Bridge and Busan Tower, Busan

I've written a post about Gwangan Bridge in 2019. That was a thorough guide/ description already so I don't know what I am supposed to write here since the other post has all the details I can think of. 

Gwangan Bridge/ Gwanggali (Day and Night) link: here.
Six Beaches You Can Visit in Busan link: here.
Three Skywalks You Can Visit in Busan link: here.

We were looking for GUKBAP but to no avail. I was confident that we were going to find a GUKBAP restaurant in Busan since it was everywhere in Jangsan, Haeundae but we didn't find any in Gwangan. But yeah, Doenjang Jjigae is always a good idea. A good enough idea if there's no GUKBAP in sight. 

Photo above for GUKBAP (Korean Pork Bone Rice Soup) reference. This was in a restaurant somewhere in Haeundae 2018. My mouth's watering at the sight of this photo. HAHAHA!

Gukbap ay para lang nilaga HAHA Nilagang baboy na mas masaya. 😂😂
It's one of my favorite Korean food but it's not that famous internationally unlike samgyeopsal, kimbap, etc. I can't make it here in PH because according to one recipe that I've read, you're supposed to simmer the soup for 8-12 hours. Dahil dyan, exclusive Korea lang siya. lol. 

This bridge is an icon of Busan so it's definitely a must-visit. 

One thing that I love about in Busan and I've told this for so many times, is that beaches and mountains are nearby. I mean, on days or on nights when you just want to sit by the shore and watch the ocean waves or climb a mountain, it's very convenient and cheap to go. 

BIFF / Nampo Area link: here.

This place is also famous for the street food and the night market. A lot like Seoul's Myeongdong only this is a lot less crowded. 

A lot of tourists choose this vicinity when searching for hotels since this is kinda the center of Busan. But if you're into night life/club hopping, then the best place to be checking in is in Seomyeon. When we were out there partying, we had several nights turned mornings that we had to wait for the subway's first trip at around 5:30 AM. The travel time to Haeundae takes more than an hour kaya dumadating kami sa dorm ng breakfast na kinakain ng mga tao. Kaya ayan, best option matulog sa Seomyeon kung ayaw niyo sumakay ng wasted sa subway's first trip. TMI e noh. Pero wala lang, fun times. HAHAHA!

Busan Tower and Yongdusan Park link: here.

If you don't wanna pay, the rooftop of the nearby Lotte Department Store (Gwangbok Branch) is a good alternative to see the skyline of this part of Busan link: here.

These neon signs lined along the escalator and the staircase of Busan Tower and Yongdusan are new addition to the area. They feature the different tourist spots of Busan. 

Back to our hotel we go... <3 

I don't know if you can see the LCD projection on the wall but a restaurant there hosts an outdoor movie watching at night. 

 Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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