Busan, South Korea: Nakdong River Estuary Eco-Center

This place is huge and you can do a lot of things and see a lot of places while in this eco center but we were only there for a short time 'cause we only went there to look for pink muhly. 

Imagine my "kilig" upon seeing these trees with then orange leaves. I was actually hoping for a legit fall experience in South Korea last year but my trip fell on dates that were too early for autumn and so trees like was still a rare sighting. 

I don't know the name of the grass above but it's also one of the seasonal grasses you can see during fall. 


While some can argue that there's nothing to see/ nothing special with this grass, I don't have autumn in my country so anything "seasonal" is my kind of thing especially when travelling in countries that have four different seasons.

Unlike the one in Daejeo, you can't go near the grasses in this area because of the rope fences everywhere.
This place is huge so make sure to allot at least half a day should you wish to look around more. 

Will be flying back to Korea in October and I wish to see more autumn feels by then. hehe!

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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