South Korea: Hanok and Bibimbap, Jeonju

While there are hanok houses and villages you can visit in Seoul, we had an unlimited bullet train ride ticket to use that day so we decided to visit Jeonju for a day trip. There's a direct Seoul to Jeonju KTX route. It'll be better to reserve train seats especially if you're only going on a day trip 'cause a lot of people go here and the train back to Seoul can be packed.   

나 전주 왔다감
I came to Jeonju. 

Jeongdong Catholic Church (Historic Site No. 288)
Thank You for the gift of adventure! 💕

We got quite curious so we wanted to go inside this place but decided not to as we went near the gate. We just walked around outside to see more of Jeonju.  

This area is a strip of stores selling food.
We weren't hungry when we were strolling along this place so we didn't buy any although most of the food items sold there looked appetizing.

Also, like the palaces in Seoul, walking here while wearing hanbok/Korea Traditional clothes is a thing. 

There are a lot of Hanbok designs that you can choose from in the countless of stores that can be seen here. If it'll be your first time wearing this then don't miss the opportunity to walk around and take photos wearing one. 

Busan, South Korea: Hanbok Experience Hall in BEXCO

We looked for the entry point of this Jeonju Overlook area for quite a while. We had to go all the way to the end of the street food strip and walk up an incline. It was easy to locate this though once we arrived at the area since this slab of rock was big enough to see from afar.

Overlooking the Hanok Houses

The reasons why we went all the way here is to go to this spot and of course, eat bibimbap. 😂 Magamit lang talaga 'yung unli-train eh.

Jeonju, by the way, is the birthplace of bibimbap. It is two hours away from Seoul via KTX. 

This is also one of my favorite Korean food.
 While the Jeonju bibimbap we ordered doesn't have meat in it, I like the one with raw beef in a dolsot (hot stone bowl) too.

There are a lot more places to explore in Jeonju aside from the ones I showed here but we didn't have enough time 'cause we needed to be back in Seoul by 7 PM. Ayon, at the end of the day, kumain lang pala talaga kami ng bibimbap at nag picture don sa taas ng bundok. 

Everything, in time. 💖

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