Busan, South Korea: Pinky Muhly at Daejeo Ecological Park


While this place is more frequented during Spring because of Cherry Blossoms and Rape Flowers, it's also interesting to go here during Autumn because of the pink muhly grass. I was looking through Instagram #Busan and then saw someone who posted pictures here and so we immediately went the next morning. 

This is more than an hour away from Haeundae so we had to wake up ]early to get here. Just look at my eyes on the picture above and it's really one of my woke up like this mornings :)))

Kyoto? Soon? :)))

This is a huge Ecological Park so we weren't able to walk around a lot but you'll immediately notice that a lot of birds fly in this area eventhough I didn't take pictures of any. 

Aside from the birds, we had the place to ourselves that morning. If only bicycle was an option. <3

We were actually looking for the elevated walkway atop the wetlands but we couldn't find any so we just proceded to the pink muhly area for some picture taking before going back to Haeundae. 

Kinda like a less developed Han River Park of Seoul because you'll be walking along the Nakdong River. 

We also went to Samnak Ecopark two days after for the same grass but it's not possible to take photos like the one above in Samnak because the field of pink muhly there has railings.

Unlike here where you can just find a bald spot and picture away. hahaha!

For people who live in a country where there is no autumn, foliage/seasonal flowers and grasses are already an attraction. 

Pink in autumn, bright yellow in spring. 

How to get here:
Get off at Gangseo-gu Office Station (Metro line 3) and go out exit 1 or 3.

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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