Hwang So Mak Jang

Entered the restaurant, realized that it's very like the ones seen in Kdramas, saw our table where we were to sit on the floor, looked around and saw that the menu hanging on the wall was written in Hangul. 
 Hihi, excited much! 

 I wasn't able to take pictures the restaurant's interior and exterior, and that lane of restaurants near Robinson's Place Manila where it felt like we were walking along the streets of Korea. 

Okay so here it is... my first time!!

Garlic and Soybean Paste
Kimchi and Bean Sprouts for side dish
kamote? I don't know what that white thing is but it tastes like kamote, oil, miso soup, leaves we covered our samgyeopsal with and...
 (Sam Gyeop Sal)
the grilling shall begin

For  Sang Chu Ssam (상추쌈), this is how you're supposed to eat it
meat dipped in soybean paste (된장), sesame oil with salt  (기름장)
I first tried eating it with Oregano leaves but...
Good thing there was lettuce! (상추)
more familiar to my taste

It was a fun, delicious and memorable experience. So that's how dining in a Korean Restaurant feels and smells, we all smelled like smoke when we left, not that we hate it though.

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