Tali Beach, Nasugbu, Batangas

We were lucky to be able to spend our day at Tali Beach, Nasugbu, Batangas.
It felt like only us were in the place, because it's a private community/resort/beach (?) there weren't a lot of people but it was fine. The water was also really clear, the place was quiet and was relaxing even if my body was tortured by the big waves and slippery stones.

Yesterday was the first time I spent that much time swimming on a beach, not to mention, it was a very very very hot noon. 

Hello beach, I can see you already!

After driving through a rough road, we arrived at the shore.

Here you go!
My pictures spam: 

Waves got stronger and wilder in the afternoon. 
It's hard to get there, it's even harder to stay when waves keep washing you away. Resist them and continually try to go up the cemented area or just swim back to the shore? After drinking so much salt water and exerting lots of efforts, I chose the latter. Maybe it would be better to give up even if I really wanted to be there. It's not easy trying to fit in somewhere you aren't supposed to be at.

We didn't stay in a resort so there isn't much to review other than the beauty of the place itself which exceeded our expectation.

It was free one day get-away.
No entrance and cottage fees. 

And, it is the cleanest beach I've been at.

Seeing my pictures makes me want to go back there! Hopefully by next summer!

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  1. How were you able to experience it for free? do you have any relatives there?

  2. Hi! A friend of my mother happens to own a rest house there that's why this was a free getaway. I'm pretty sure though that there are nearby resorts and cottages in the area. :)