Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife

It was a gloomy that turned rainy day, but that didn't stop us from strolling around Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife last Monday. This is a delayed post, this was our next destination after our Happy Hour at Starbucks.

Just some the pictures I took:
 The last time I've gone there was more than a year ago, back then I hoped that they'd try to save, renovate, restore the whole place.

What a waste would it be if Wild Life would be left this way.

Okay, they renovated some parts, but I am expecting more.
'Cause the whole area near the entrance still looks unkempt.

 I wish that rather than doing "preventive maintenance," just what Ogie Alcasid referred to, to be the practice of destroying a not destroyed road to prevent it from being destroyed. Haha. Redundant much? They pay attention to things which need more maintenance!

This when maintained, IMO, would generate much income.

 Entrance Fee: 8.00 per person
Parking Fee: 15.00

But the guard didn't collect anything from us. Yes, our whole visit was free

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