Yakimix, Tomas Morato (Mother's Day Celebration!)

Celebrated Mother's Day at Yakimix, Tomas Morato.
Today was our first time dining there and I was surprised that their location was quite big.


First: Salads: Japanese and that with corned beef; shredded corn and strawberry tomatoes ('cause I saw them at Jessica Soho Reports last night); lettuce for my SanchuSsam

Second: KIMCHI (why capital letters? it was really spicy!) ; orange diced veggie; breaded dory; baby potatoes; tomato topped with ground beef and cheese; slice of tofu; omelette, crispy pata; pork asado; chicken korean beef ?? 

These are some of the choices of the raw meats available.
I loved the corn. Must-eat too!

I have grilled pork slices, ssangchu, gochujang (chili sauce), and kimchi
thus... ssang chu sam
On my previous visits, Japanese foods, especially their sushis and sashimis are what I was always anticipating. It's a surprise that it's the one I had the least today. I also noticed that the crab stick they use now wasn't the same with before, what they used then was more delicious which is probably the reason why these taste different.

Dessert. At last!!
And how many calories did I consume? hekhek
The only problem was our table.
We were seated on the corner, beside the window and aircon.
It was so hot especially when we were grilling. Avoid this table if you can. 

Sorry, belt. I had to remove you.

All in all, this visit to Yakimix is still okay. And since I was recently introduced to Korean Cuisine, I appreciated the choices more and didn't stick with filling myself with just sushis. 

Happy Mother's Day!!

P.S. Don't ask me how was I able to eat all of these, I don't know either. All I know was it was hard to walk and bend as we left the place. I also felt like my shirt is gonna pop anytime. I haven't eaten any after these, and more than 12 hours have passed yet I still feel full.

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