Circle Island Resort, Molino, Cavite

Just an FX ride away from MRT Taft, and a tricycle away from SM Molino.

The entrace in this resort is P150.00 and we rented a cottage (?) table (?), that we weren't able to use for P300.00

What happened?

We were all excited for that day's swimming since it's the first time that that group of friends and I are going on a swim, so, yes, rate? fine, for 150.00, whole day swimming's not bad. And even the entire view of the resort was fine, up until we tried dipping in the water. Seryoso, anong meron sa tubig nila? Heavily treated? Too much chlorine? Sobrang tagal ng di napalitan? It's not being too picky 'cause I've heard a lot of people complaining about the water either. The pool water irritates the eyes, how much more when you try to open your eyes underwater? and when you accidentally taste the pool water, eww. We tried our best to understand that it's kind of packed that day and just ignore even all the things that were floating (twigs, hair etc.) in the pool. But we reached our limit when one of my friends spotted phlegm floating around. SERIOUSLY!! Maybe it's not their fault that there was a floating phlegm there, but those gross people who doesn't even care about others who are trying to enjoy their stay,  but still it's the worst from all the resorts I've been at.

So yes, it was the peak of summer, and I'm sure a lot of people have visited and have swam on that pool so I shouldn't expect crystal clear water, but hey, aren't I given the chance to hope for a bearable pool water?

It's not a resort I would even consider coming back at. Sayang, we just stayed there for around two hours. It was like paying not for the swimming but for the view 'cause all we did was to take pictures para naman sulit kahit paano.

I wish they change all the pool water and maintain the pools properly, sayang naman kung ganun lang 'yung state ng tubig na dadatnan ng mga taong excited pa naman mag-swimming.

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