Korean Film Festival at SM Megamall

Free movies, anyone?

For those in Baguio and Cebu, you're the next stop of the KOREAN FILM FESTIVAL. 

Image Source: KKCPh's FB Page
It wasn't planned but since my friends and I were given tickets, we headed to SM Megamall and watch whatever is there.  And the 4:30 scheduled movie happened to be ARAHAN which description didn't do any justice to it. I thought that I'd get bored or something but the movie's so good, just watch it and you won't be disappointed, really.

And I just have to give props to the crowd who watched Arahan with me last Saturday for being responsive. I mean, isn't it great to have the other viewers react and laugh with you while watching?

PS. Also, I believe the screenings were all jumpacked. I didn't notice it at first since we had decent seats, but there were people standing and some were already seating on the aisles. Line up early since its free admission. :)

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