Authentic Korean Buffet at Cafe d'Asie

From September 14 - 23, 2012, The Bellevue Hotel Manila is holding 10 days long Korean Festival. BHM is a 5-star hotel somewhere in Alabang. (I know, right?! I traveled farther South!!)

There are Korean Paperdolls (Hanji? Hanji Dolls? Since Hanji's the name of the paper... whatever.) and Paintings that are on exhibit and, of course, their Authentic Korean Buffet!

Last night, we were there for the event launching. Eating in their buffet was totally unexpected, I wasn't on buffet mode (yes, there's a certain appetite mode for buffets! haha) and have just eaten my merienda prior to going there. tsktsk. 
These are only some of the foods that were served, I wasn't able to try the grilled foods since the line was a bit long and I just told you, I wasn't that hungry. (Hindi pa 'to gutom, seryoso. haha)
And the food I love way beyond everything else. Tadaaaaaaaah!
Tastes like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, just more creamier and less sweet. Just that, when I went back to get some more, ubos na. What's bitin? These chocolates!!
My first time also tasting some Creme Brulee.
Got so excited to get these desserts.
Authentic Korean desserts. Ohh, so, 'yan pala. :)
Colorful, right? Not from my plate though so I don't know how it tastes like. 
Kimchi for souvenir.

I don't know if the offerings for the 10 days buffet are the same, but I don't think they are though. There should be more choices.

Discover more Korean dishes at The Bellevue Hotel for P 1390.00/person and get a chance to win two round trip tickets to Korea  and other gift certificates on the Grand Raffle Draw on September 23. :)

You can look up more informations here at Bellevue's website

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