Fresh Don-Day Restaurant

Welcoming September with a Korean buffet!
Came back here after around 3 months.

Here's a series of pictures.

Rate's still " P 299.00/person for a Samgyupsal buffet.
And I got around 10 slices of Kimbap this time. 

This one's the new addition, I don't think they have this dips container before.

Sangchu Ssam although the leaf here isn't Sangchu (lettuce)

A peek of their ice cream freezer.
And most of us got this sandwiched cookies and cream ice cream.
Do you know how to write sandwich in Korean?


(sounds like sen-du-wi-chi)

Ice cream bars aren't included in the buffet, we paid them separately.

Up to now, I'm still wondering why the Ate gave us the blue ones for free on our first visit.

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