PVA Glue as Base Coats?! (UPDATE)

I almost forgot about this. 
The experiment of PVA Glue Base Coat

I did this before I slept.

A gradient of pink to red with a glitter top coat.
I really liked how this turned out.
But then on the second day... there were already chippings.

Well, they aren't really noticeable from afar except for my right thumb.
And I just couldn't help it. I started peeling everything off.
My two days nail art.


For those who often change their nail polishes, this is something you might want to try. You wouldn't have to frequent using acetone or nail polish removers anymore. They're drying and aren't really advised to use them often.

However, for people who prefer to have their nail polishes on for a week or more, you might just want to settle for regular base coats. But this one is really convenient for glitter polishes though.

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