PVA Glue as Base Coats?!

I tried searching for the easiest way of removing glitter polish online. For those who don't know, yes, they're a beauty but the removing process is a pain! It's hard to get them off.

Here's what I found out:
 One way is the foil removal method, soaking a cotton ball with polish remover, place it on top of your nail then secure with aluminum foil, wait for a few minutes then remove. That is wasteful! Not to mention, it's also drying for the nails and cuticles. 

The second way I found was to use PVA glue as a base coat so you can just peel them upon removal. Well, I let that idea put to rest since I have no glue at home yet. But as I was cleaning my room, I found a large bottle of crafts glue which has been seating in my cabinet for I don't know how long anymore. 

Even though I have decided to let my nails rest for the whole week, I couldn't wait to try this out and I did. The impatient me prevailed- as always. 

Here are the polishes used:

PVA Glue as my base coat

OMG by Klik's Sunset

A glitter polish

Caronia Fast Dry Top Coat

Ang Pasko sa 'Pinas, nagsisimula pagsapit ng Setyembre naman eh. Basta -Ber month. 


I know, right? Well, this is just an experiment.

One thing you must keep in mind though is to try your best to apply PVA glue evenly. My base color was so bumpy!
It turned into a bit orange-y probably because of the yellow glitters' effect and OMG Sunset isn't a bright red.

After applying the glitter polish and top coat, I was able to sort of even out the bumps. 
Upon drying, I decided to start peeling off the glue.

And voilà!  

 It's really easy, much much much easier than trying to remove stubborn glitter polishes using acetone or nail polish remover.

I'm going to try this again and experiment on how well it performs as a base coat some time after my nails' rest period.

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