Donu Pork and Beef Korean Grill

Another Korean Restaurant I was able to eat at is Donu Pork and Beef Korean Grill at Polaris, Bel-Air Makati, just a few blocks away from Wang Mart.

I am not sure of the prices since we shared the whole bill and I wasn't paying attention, 


Were they unlimited? We had 2 sets, and another 2 refills which I don't know if the refills were added to our  bill.


So go gi

Sam Gye Tang (I don't know if this one's romanized correctly)
But it's a soup with whole chicken and Korean Ginseng

This was something I didn't like at first when I tasted a spoonful but appreciated it when I  combined it with rice.
순두부 찌개

Ssoon du bu chigae
Spicy Tofu Stew

I'm not good with 매운 음식  (me-un-eum-sik)  (spicy foods) so the first time I tried to taste a spoonful of this one, I was in tears! But my friends were like, "Why? It's not that spicy." K. Fine.

 Well, not the stinging hotness though. Just chug water then you're ready to eat again. This is also one of the reasons why I love Korean cuisine,I tend to drink more water than usual, and that's healthy. ^^


Sam Gyeop Sal

This would never be forgotten for every Korean Restaurant visit.
The only thing though is they served this frozen and unsliced.

That's the table we ate at.


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