Masatami (MOA and Robinson's Magnolia)

And then I realized that I haven't posted these here yet. 
Well, come to think of it I've got loads of backlogs (Two of which are events! ^_^) that I haven't had the time and will to post but I shall... soon enough. Maybe by next month?? Hehehe. 

I had my first ever Masatami Shaved Ice in their MOA branch a few weeks back. It was a bittersweet experience, sweet because of the new find and kind of bitter because of the service.

Nag-order ako ng Shaved Ice tapos sobrang tagal tawagin 'yung pangalan ko. Nung nagpunta ko dun sa Ate, saka lang sinabi na mali kasi 'yung nasulat nila kaya hindi pa nila ginagawa. Ugh, kung walang nagtatawag ng pangalan, hindi sasama 'yung loob ko. Ano ba naman 
'yung tawagin ako kasi andun naman na 'yung pangalan ko para tanungin kung ano nga ba ulit 'yung gusto ko.

Looking at it, I thought this would be so sweet but the milk on top balanced the sweetness. It was just right.

After several weeks, went to Robinson's Magnolia and their branch in RM redeemed what happened in MOA. :))

I ordered Swiss Cheese for a change.
Perfect. :))

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