Korean Restaurants: Nal Di Mok & Mat Gal Ne Jib

I finally have the will to post these here. Hehehe

It's been a while, Samgyeopsal!

Here's a combined blog post of my two consecutive Saturday dinners.

First is Nal Di Mok in DLSU, or maybe I should say Rizal Stadium area 'cause that's closer. You'd have to walk in a street there. (Sorry, that time I wasn't really taking note of where we were) This is just a small restaurant in that area because the first we went at didn't have samgyeopsal for that day and that's our favorite so we had to move.
Here's the samgyeopsal while being cooked. Actually we always get disappointed with the quantity of pork being served whenever we eat in a Korean resto. As in always.

"Huh? Dalawang order na 'yan?" 

We ordered two kinds of Korean dishes with soup (chigae) and we were shocked because what we thought were soups for sharing ended up that it's only good for one person. Look how small the container is, that's already P 250.00 with rice.

We weren't happy with what we ordered because of the quantity knowing we eat a lot. The owner must have noticed that, she gave us free orders of kimbap, another soup and yellow watermelon for dessert. Shemay, our happiness level increased because of the freebies. Hahaha.

While eating, a friend suggested maybe we should try another restaurant which has unlimited samgyeopsal for P 300.00/person the next Saturday and we did.
Here are the sidedishes at Mat Gal Ne Jib.
Again, I wasn't taking note of where this was but it's in front of St. Giles hotel somewhere in Makati.
Unlimited Samgyeopsal? Challenge Accepted.

While the Samgyeopsal is okay since it's eat-all-you-can, it's the service that made us frustrated.

The servers were seriously not paying attention to us. It's disappointing especially when we saw one even grilling the pork on other tables. We weren't asking for that much, we only wanted refills. One of our friends even had to get up and get the lettuce and banchan from the counter herself and when she did, one lady asked her to sit down. As if she's going there if they served us well. We were also water deprived and last but not the least, two of us didn't went for the unli-samgyeopsal though we initially included them in the count. But before we begin, we already told the servers that we wanted to cancel the other two and they didn't allow us. I wonder why. That P 600.00 that went to nothing.

But IDK, I might give this another chance.

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