Yummy Eats 2013

During the last post, I said that I'll just be updating this blog sometime in June but because I wasn't able to go to Sofitel this afternoon might as well use this (idle) time to catch up on posts.  It would have been my fourth time but too late to regret not going or not making habol.... Tsk.

Anyways, here's a super late post of what happened when my friend and I attended Yummy Eats 2013.
My first ever food tasting even experience and definitely not the last... of course, if another opportunity exists.

Since it would be difficult to describe each dish that I was able to sample, I'll just post here the pictures of all the foods I had. Woo, thank God for my expanding stomach... or not because it has become more and more difficult to lose weight. haha!

And here my food passport that is almost full after almost five hours of non-stop eating. I seriously had a blast. Aside from the Annual Pyrolympics in MOA, this is the next annual event that I'd look forward to. Yummy Eats 2014, I'm waiting... :))

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