Swensen's: The Ultimate Sundae Experience

My friend talked me to try Swensen's, since the heat is really really really intense, I gave in. You know that feeling when you have no appetite in eating rice then indulge in ice creams? That is what has been happening to me lately! I say yes to all ice creams. Like, all! 

We had to wait for a while for available seats because the place was packed when we arrived.

Actually, it's my first time eating in a legit ice cream parlor Hahaha! Those places are always what I snob before since I can just satify the craving with a Sundae Mcdo, right? But now that I'm in a serious relationship with food and restaurant hopping, maybe it won't hurt to try more expensive ice creams once in a while.

I initially wanted to order the one with waffle but it wasn't available then so I settled with 
Hot Fudge Bonanza Split

I really enjoyed this one!!
I might order something bigger next time. A scoop was, to be honest, bitin!

I asked the friend to take me to Eastwood branch too. Hahaha! Let's see. :))

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