Mezza Norte (Moves to Trinoma)

Until now I still remember my first ever midnight food affair when we visited Banchetto in Ortigas several years back, that time my eyes glimmered seeing the wide array of available of foods not to mention that it being a "midnight" banquet made it more special. I don't remember what time we left home but I am sure we went home past midnight. Up until today, weekend food markets still hold a special place in the hearts of all foodies. And... here's another one. 

I've been at Mezza Norte once when it was still in Technohub not to eat but to hang-out with some friends. Link: here

Fast forward to December last year when I first visited Mercato in BGC, another weekend night food market where I fell inlove with Salted Caramel (because of Merry Moo to be specific).

Anyway, MN's now closer and more commute-able kahit gabihin. So yey!

I wasn't in the mood to eat some more that night and I just wanted to check the place out but we still bought some.

Here, below, are the pictures:

:) :) :) 

:) :) :)

:) :) :) :)

Wala na yata kong panlasa that night because of too much foods so pardon the way I rated. hahaha!

Don't worry MN, I'll be back soon with enough stomach space to pig out. :))

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