Ace Waterspa and Buffet

I haven't seen a beach this whole summer time, I've been out swimming in pools (two times to be exact) but as much as I wanted to go on (at least a day in) a beach, it's just not possible. So there, with my friends, whom I had days of Caramoan planning with, went to Ace Waterspa in Kapitolyo Pasig for a four hours waterspa! And I must say that it's kind of addicting that I already have another day (hopefully!) in Ace set with a different group of friends. Hahaha!

Strictly no cameras allowed so this was taken from the viewing area.

I am a self-confessed camera buff (if that compound word exists) so I can say that a part of me suffered for the first few minutes when I entered the spa area. But heck, because it was too much, as in, too much fun. Whatever, cam. :))
It'll be hard to describe the whole experience so I'd just enumerate what I think were my favorite parts.

1. Lazy River
2. Rainfall acupuncture

3. Sauna
4. Herbal pool (Rose in 38 degrees Celsius, I also liked lavender but it's way too hot in 40 degrees Celsius. Feeling Goldilocks lang in finding which temperature and scent I want best.)
5. Cold dip (Hypothermia feels, dipping more than a minute may already numb your body)

Try to go there during non-peak hours for a more relaxing stay.

P 550.00/per person
You know the feeling when you're so hungry everything as in everything just looks good? Hunger unleashes the glutton in you. hahaha.

Since Brgy. Kapitolyo has a lot of restaurants we initially wanted to walk and look for a resto but as we saw the selections in Ace.
"Ano, tara?"

Eating at their buffet when we've spent the last four hours sweating and  trying to burn calories somehow made us regret after. I actually lost 5 pounds (of water) but because of the foods, I think I gained more than what I had lost. Well, whatevs. This might be the last buffet I'd be having in a while.

P 605.00/person for a dinner buffet. 

As I've said, I have another Ace Waterspa Set sometime in the fourth week of May but this might be the last buffet post. Might. hahaha! 

Wearing of bathing suit was the reason why it took me so long before I got to visit Ace Waterspa eventhough I had known the existence of their Banawe branch for years. I just don't have the confidence to walk around wearing one but I can now. Not to mention that they have no mirrors in the spa area so guests will not be too conscious with how they look. :))

Someday, Ace Hotel. I'll see you someday too.

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