Wake me up when September en... Hello, September!

August went by so fast. It's already -BER months! OMG. Pasko na naman!! 

I usually say "Wake Me Up When September Ends" whenever it's the start of September but I won't say that this month, rather it's Hello, September! I'm looking forward for this month because I can feel something great is about to happen. Claim lang ng claim kahit 
'yan din sinabi ko last month pero parang wala naman nangyari. Hahahaha!

Wala na naman akong idea kung ano mangyayari at wala rin naman atang plano kaya...

1. Nakahabol pa 'to. The highlight of my August is our Dusit Thani Manila dinner. When you're hungry, you become capable of asking for food blatantly even if you're in a high-end place.  Sabi nga, ask and it shall be given. 

"Kuya waiter, we're gutom na." 

Oh, the things we do for food.

Please keep these things coming...
I've been to other 5 star hotels and Dusit Thani is one of the best when it comes to food. There's nothing I didn't like. Bet na bet.

Babalik ako't makaka-kain din sa Sunday Crossover Buffet nila, hindi ko lang alam kung kelan. Hahaha.

Also, I drank English Breakfast tea when I was there and now, I have another tea variant that I like. English breakfast has a strong taste yet it wasn't bitter and most of all it doesn't smell like flower.

2. My MP3 player of more than 4 years has retired. My songs a.k.a my memories of the past years are all there and they're all gone now. But seriously, the first thought that came to mind when it won't turn on, "OMG. Paano na 'ko makakatulog nito!?" that's because for the past years, I've always relied on that MP3 player to lull me to sleep but so far so good. I am able to sleep even without listening to music. 
This also reminded me of something, "We should invest in things that don't break; our relationship with other people, with God, and with ourselves are far more important than material things. But I'd still like to think that it's repairable. Sayang ang 32 gig na memory eh.

So ito na lang muna...
God bless. :D

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