Korean Film Festival '13 (Admission is FREE)

It's not a surprise that I like learning new things about Korea and I make use of all the resources available to me: drama, cuisine, language, culture, movie etc. on this learning pursuit. Their aggressive promotions and several free events are also a help to those who are like me because there's something new to look forward to almost every month. 

For us who are still not able to go to the Land of the Morning Calm, events like this somehow bring us closer to our dream place, don't they? And they're also a great way to get acquainted with other people who share the same passion and hobbies. 

I watched Arahan in SM Megamall last year and every screening time was really packed by movie goers especially by us, the Korean Culture enthusiasts.

And here it is again, the Korean Film Festival '13: New Wave of Korean Cinema 

For this year, they have 6 movies in line namely: Werewolf Boy, Deranged, Green Days, Sunny, Masquerade and Dancing Queen.

I've seen Sunny and Werewolf Boy already and I am highly recommending these two. But I'm not saying the others aren't good because these movies won't be chosen to be screened for this festival if they're not one of the best.

If you're watching GMA 7's primetime show "Innocent Man," Kang Maru (Song Joongki) is the male lead actor in Werewolf Boy. I don't want to spoil this movie so I'm not even telling you the gist but you.should.see.this. There are English subtitles okay. 

If you've got nothing to do on September 18 - 22 and you live near SM Megamall. Why not try dropping by? ADMISSION IS FREE ANYWAY. 

But this isn't only limited for us residing in the Manila but also to those living in Cebu (October 3-6), Davao (October 10-13) and in Ilo-ilo (September 26-29).

Don't forget to have your dose of Korean Movies on the said dates. See you! :D

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