Eat-All-You-Can at Matgalne Korean Restaurant

By Tin Gallemaso - 7:19:00 PM

Last Saturday, my friend Louise and I attended Matgalne Korean Restaurant's Good Bloggers Appreciation Dinner. It was about time to satisfy our Korean Cuisine cravings once again and were planning to eat at a Korean buffet. Fortunately, Matgalne Restaurant posted their invite on Facebook while we were talking online so we immediately replied to them.

Glad to be back!!

View my previous review of Matgalne here.

The three dishes below are especially prepared for us bloggers:

Pajeon ( Korean Pancake) and salad
I am not sure what this dish is called nor have tasted something similar before but based on the ingredients, it has beef... are those beef bones? Potatoes and it's a soup so....  소 감자 탕? Beef Potato Stew/Soup? Hahaha.
Of course, my ever favorite pork slices for my Samgyeopsal. 

Lunch Unlimited Pork Belly: P 299.00/person
Lunch Unlimited Pork Belly and Beef Brisket: P 399.00/person
Dinner Buffet - P 399.00/person
For once, I think my plating is good enough.
I did my best.
And once again, my bibimbap Jr.
Here is Ms. Park, the Restaurant owner, as she picks the week's winners of a free dinner or lunch buffet for three. Imagine being able to eat as much as you can and still have the chance to eat there again for free because of the raffle.

If you want to avail the 10% discount when you eat there, all you have to do is take a photo and upload it with the hashtag #welovematgalne.

By doing this, you also stand a chance to become one of the three winners of dinner/lunch buffet for three per week. 

Some pictures of the buffet spread.

But I think that I took better pictures before. Click here.

Korean Cuisine cravings? Very much satisfied!
P.S. This isn't my first time attending a "bloggers" event but I still felt uneasy on the first few minutes so super thanks to Ate that we were able to enjoy Matgalne's Korean Buffet while laughing our hearts out. She made us feel more comfortable while she cooks the pork and beef slices.

The picture above is grabbed from Matgalne's Page

Saya ko talaga oh. 

3 possible reasons why:
1. May nakakatawa.
2. Maraming pagkain.
3. Kumakain ng marami.

Masaya daw talaga ko pag kumakain ako. hahahaha. Okay, fine!

Makati Branch
4768 Kalayaan Ave. Cor. Mariano St.,
Poblacion Makati City, Metro Manila
Contact#: (02) 890 2949
Operating Hours: 11am-11pm (Mon-Sat)

Pasig Branch
2F Millenium Bldg. Meralco Ave. Ortigas Center
San Antonio Pasig City, Metro Manila
Contact #: (02) 632 9714
Operating Hours: 11am-11pm (Mon-Sat)

P.P.S. Our dinner at Matgalne reminded me of a story I read months ago about a person who always remain optimistic despite being deprived of something or even when he's experiencing a series of "bad luck". Whenever the people around tell him how unfortunate he was, he would always say, "If it's a good or bad thing, we still don't know."
 After some time, they realized that the "bad lucks" kind of saved him from experiencing worse things and on some events, those needed to occur to prepare him for something greater. 

May mga bagay lang siguro talaga na gusto natin pero hindi pa panahon. Hintay, hintay lang. Darating din ang time. Ba't biglang sumeryoso ako? Hahaha. 

Weeks before this dinner, we have been planning to go out only to cancel our plans every time. See, after several failed plans and unsatisfied cravings, naging ready kami lalo for our "next big kain." Buffet na, libre pa. hihihi. :"> 

 감사합니다, 맛깔네 집! 진짜 잘 먹었습니다. 다시 올겁니다.

Hahahaha. Shemay, pina-popcorn lang talaga namin ang baboy.

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