Family Mart, Glorietta 3

My happy place in Glorietta 3. Hihihi.

They didn't have that much food choices on the shelves the day we went there. 
But it's fine though, as long the matcha ice cream is available, anything is fine.

Cha Soba
P 95.00

This is my first time eating anything soba and/or cold noodles so I didn't know what to expect.

It tasted okay for me although I'm not sure if it's for everyone because of the subtle green tea taste of the noodles.

I heard that you're supposed to dip the noodles in the sauce but when I poured mine on the cover of this tray, it spilled because there's a hole somewhere and it's really a good thing that I noticed it immediately.
Spam Onigiri
P 39.00

This was fine too although I wish it had more spam bits inside.
Matcha Soft-serve Ice Cream
P 25.00

Can't they build a branch closer to my home? I live in Q.C.
It's really irritating that I can't practice my twirling skills because I only go to Ayala once a month. I know that I can get better if I'd be able to do this at least once a week. My goal is to be able to twirl more than 12 inches high of ice cream. HAHAHAHA. 

This is certainly not my last Family Mart post because I still have my eyes on their matcha croissant. I'm getting that one and another cone of ice cream next time. 

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