Tong-Yang, Centris Station, Quezon Avenue


Didn't want to make another post but I've visited this restaurant again recently so I'll be posting the updated food photos and pricelist. Scroll until the jump break for the old post... not that you'll need it anyway. 

Tong Yang Centris Station Price

Tong-Yang Centris Station, Quezon Avenue 

Shabu Shabu and Grill
Weekdays - P 738.00
Weekends - P 788.00

Subject to 5% Service Charge


Medyo kulang talaga kami sa creativity pagdating sa ganitong bagay kasi habang tinitignan ko 'yung mga pagkain sa ibang mesa, bakit ang galing nilang mag mix and match pang Shabu-Shabu? lol.

Anyway, this is my second time eating at Tong-Yang in Centris and just like our last time, I wasn't disappointed.

P 585.00/person for a weekday dinner.

Hindi naman siguro bawal 'to, noh? Sa Vikings nga e game na game pa mga chef makipag-picture sa mga kumakain at gustong maki-picture. Hindi ko lang pala nalagay sa post ko 'yung picture ko kasama si Kuya sa sashimi station habang hawak ang kutsilyo niya. 

I took some pictures of their buffet using my cellphone and here they are below: 

 And the next are some of those we got.

I have here some kimchi and sushi.
Okay, again, not expecting much from the sushi choices but what happened? Bakit ang lungkot ng mga sushi nila ngayon? hahaha. I was looking forward for my salmon sashimi tsktsk
And the variant of squid that I liked before. 

More food items to be grilled.
Sinigang soup and plain soup.

This is what I'm telling you earlier.

For that whole dinner, we didn't even cook anything as Shabu-Shabu. Ganyan lang 'yan, mainit lang na soup. Then you look at other tables and all of them have their own version of Shabu-Shabu with different ingredients.
Ay meron naman pala, these corn cob cuts were the only "fortunate" ingredient that got cooked in our soup base.
They also have diced butter so perfect for boiled corn with butter.

Pero hindi pa rin ata 'to considered na Shabu-Shabu eh, pinakuluan lang na mais. 
Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert.
And hot tea!

And these has been it once again. Just like before, I enjoyed the food available and the waiters are still attentive as ever.

P.S. I heard that Tong-Yang branches in both SM Fairview and SM Megamall offer their buffet at a lower price. The weekday lunch buffet there is only priced P 299.
00/person. I just don't know what the differences are in terms of available food. 

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