Asian-On Air Program '13: My Unforgettable Travel Story

What sets this vacation apart from the rest?

When I was younger, I love seeing airplanes. Whether it's gazing up the sky or passing by an airport, I'd always look at the humongous plane wondering if I'd be able to ride it even once in my life. 

Dreams do come true because as of this writing, I've ridden an airplane for a lot of times already. But we all know that nothing can ever replace the joy of trying things out for the first time, right? Because it was a dream come true, my Cebu trip would always be an unforgettable one.

Today is the perfect day to post this since this took place around four years ago. Are you aware of the trend in Social Networking Sites when people post nostalgic pictures every Thursday? That's what I'm about do. 

Care to join me in a Throwback Thursday?


Have you ever felt so excited for something that you can't even fall asleep? I'm pretty sure most of us have experienced that kind of rush in our lives. 

Now, imagine my excitement because at that time, Cebu was the farthest of all my vacations plus we had to ride an airplane. 

What I had wished for a lot of times was bound to happen and I was definitely in cloud nine!

I got the seat by the window.
This shot was taken minutes before we took off.
Is that what you call a twilight? Or is it a sunrise already?
On our 45-minutes airplane ride, my eyes were only fixated outside.
If you saw me then, you'd think of me like a child beaming with much happiness.

 To be honest, the plane ride alone was enough to make me feel ecstatic.
When we arrived at Mactan-Cebu International Airport, we ate our breakfast and waited for our coaster which took us to the municipality of Badian, Cebu. 
We still had to ride a boat to reach Badian Island Resort and Spa where we stayed for the first two days. Going to there can be a hassle especially for those who despise long travel time but I think once you arrive at the island, the long travel is worth it.
Our welcome drinks in glasses made from coconut shells.

You deserve to be treated like a spoiled child once in a while and this resort is the place to be. It's the perfect getaway for people who want a mix of nature, luxury and serenity. 

They make sure that their guests are pampered and I can vouch for that.
On our first day, we just explored the whole resort and spent the entire day swimming and eating and swimming and eating.

Also, you can never go hungry in Badian Resort and Spa because all meals were served buffet-style and were all delicious. It was my first time trying out a legit Lechon Cebu. :>
This is the view outside our cottage; it faces the garden, mountains and the sea.

One of the best things in going out-of-town is the privilege of waking up with this kind of view. I've always adored views like this 'cause I feel like I somehow become one with nature... something I miss because I live in the metro where my usual views are cars, houses and buildings.
On the balcony of our cottage was this hammock.
Hahahaha. It's so perfect that I remember napping there and waking up with my face flat on the floor. 
We left the island to explore the rest of Badian. Unlike our first day, our second day was full of sightseeing and water activities.

Just a random info: I can't remember since when did I start becoming more courageous with this kind of adventures because I know that there's a point in my childhood when I feared boat rides. Thankfully, I'm over that phase. Now, you can even challenge me to bungee jump and I'll gladly say yes. Bucket list dropping?? Not really! hahaha!

 Admittedly, I was too paranoid thinking about all the things that may go wrong. But right now, the only thoughts I have are for all the things that will go right. hihihi. 
Our first stop for that day was Kawasan Waterfalls.
It's the most popular tourist destination of the town specifically Barangay Matutinao and I've seen it featured on television programs for several times already.

But before you reach the falls, just like most waterfalls I've been at, you'd have to trek uphill.
On times like this, the trek itself is a treat so can you even complain? 
This is the Kawasan Falls. 

Tourists are asked to wear a life jacket before riding the bamboo raft.
The bamboo raft would enter the cave from the side to get to the back of the falls and then pass by the cascades of water for some nature-al back massage. The same feeling when you try the hard hydro-massage in Ace Water Spa. 

Then, we went to Coral Garden to eat our lunch and go snorkeling after.
I didn't have my underwater camera at that time yet so I have no pictures but it was also my first time to snorkel.

This is me while waiting for the boat that would take us back to the resort.
As you can see, I was sexier before. What happened to me? Lol. Hahahaha! 

That evening while waiting for our dinner to be served, we went to the Floating Game House for a game of billiards.

Aside from eating, I have nothing else that I am good at so naturally I just played with the powder, our room key and my camera. And because of my limited creative prowess, I usually have nothing to write except my name.

 My blog URL is a concrete example of this, isn't it? -_-

While eating our dinner, we were entertained by these dancers whom we joined afterwards. One thing I enjoyed during this whole vacation was our food. Aside from my obvious love for eating, we got to eat on different parts of the resort per meal. They made sure that each meal was uniquely themed. For that dinner, our theme was Hawaiian.

I like dancing and singing. Thing is, both never liked me but I'm persistent so I still dance and sing despite the hate. hahaha.

Our third day in Cebu and it's already a goodbye.
Time surely fleets when you're having fun.

Back in the days, I have so many pictures like this one.
Probably because I don't really have that much back flabs to deal with then. haha! Not that I'm hating my body now. Just that, this post reminded me of my slimmer days.
While we left the island, a new set of tourists arrived and they would be making their own memories in there too. I sound tad bit emotional, don't I? haha.

Anyhow, we traveled back to the city to do a tour for that afternoon before flying back to Manila.

Taken at the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist at Simala, Sibonga.

When you enter the cathedral, you get to see several crutches and wheelchairs given/left there by devotees who experienced miracles and answered prayers. 
This is a Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills Subdivision.

I remember going inside the chapel and we did a ritual using two blocks of wood. If you drop the wood and both of them face up, I think you're allowed to make a wish. Or you make a wish then if both of the wood blocks face up, you're wish will soon be granted. I can't remember which is which but it goes like that.

You can always pass by this temple when you're in Cebu. This is open to worshipers and non-worshipers. 
A monument we passed by at.
Sorry, I can't recall what the name is.
Magellan's Cross next to Basilica Minore del Santo Nino and the City Hall.
When you say Cebu, I think Magellan's Cross is one of the things that would immediately come to mind.
It's like the symbol of not only Cebu but of Roman Catholicism in the Philippines as well.
Apart from Magellan's Cross, Cebu is also famous for daing or dried fishes.
Before we drove back to Mactan Airport, we passed by Taboan Market first to buy some souvenirs.

Taboan market is the one-stop-shop of souvenirs in Cebu. They're tourists-ready because the 
stores there use vacuum packs so the fish won't smell when you're checking your baggage in airports.

And as you can see at my back, they sell wide varieties of dried seafoods.
Another 45 minutes airplane ride and we arrived back in Manila. It was officially the end of that trip.
And these has been our trip.

I would never ever get tired of looking at the view from an airplane.
It's a must for me to request the window seat whenever I ride one because I get uncomfortable otherwise. I need to see the clouds and everything outside.

This trip was dreamy in a sense that flying was my ultimate goal when I was younger and fulfilling because the trip made me learn more about Cebu and the lives of the people living there. There's really a great difference in just reading articles and stories about a place and going there experiencing everything by yourself. 

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