Bellini's, Cubao Expo

This fine-dining Italian Restaurant was featured in Jessica Soho Reports several months ago and my friend, Louise, told me that this was the restaurant where some scenes of the movie "One More Chance" were filmed. I was ecstatic when she told me that. It's like finding a treasure when you're not searching kind of feeling. Hahahaha. 

Since then this has always been on my list of restaurants-to-visit/ John Lloyd - Bea-shooting-places-to-visit and it has been finally crossed out. I think I only have two left namely the opening scene of "The Mistress" and Malaysia's Petronas Towers.

Manila Paco Cemetery link: here.

This has been in my backlog for more than a month now so sorry, I have already forgotten the taste of their food but nonetheless, all were definitely delicious and the restaurant itself is really worth the travel time if you live far from Cubao. 

Italy in the Philippines ang peg.
Someday, I shall!
Dip for our bread "appetizer"
Vinaigrette something
Maybe it was a wrong decision to order this bread too when the waiter suggested.
P 100.00

We were already full after eating slices of this. -_-

Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Someday, I shall too. 

That was the first time I've gone to Cubao Expo.
The ambiance of the place is like you're being transported back to the 70's or even later than that. I don't even know. But if you're into antiques, must visit!

Mej biglang bigat lang sa pakiramdam pag enter.

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