Zark's Burgers, Katipunan

Zark's Burgers, Taft link: here.

Nasapian na naman ako ng espiritu ng sobrang katakawan eh.
I wanted to try something else because I had their cheeseburger for two times already. I was really hungry since it was also way past lunch time so Jawbreaker seemed the best order for that day.
P 250.00 with fries and drinks
Jawbreaker is a triple cheeseburger with bacon and spam.

This burger is so massive and filling that I wasn't able to eat everything. I wasn't able to eat a patty, the top bun and some fries.

There's this Zark's challenge that when you finish this burger within five minutes, it's free! 

No, I did not take the challenge. I just wanted to see how much will I be able to eat on my own "phasing".

Will you dare?

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