Consistency is the key for 2014!

"Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different...” - C.S. Lewis

Happy New Year to all of us!!
Wishing everyone the best of the best for this year!

@ Eastwood Mall

First, natatawa ko.

May Santa o Fairy Godmother ba sa blogosphere? HAHAHAHAHA. 
Kasi kung meron. 

Dear Fairy Godmother, 
world tour po. :)))

Happy New Year 2013 link: here.

Ang tyaga ko magsulat dati oh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Saka kaya ang hirap mag sulat in public because your words can be used against you someday eh. For that someone who's using my words against me; let's see where this is headed.

2013 went by so fast! Hadn't I keep this blog, I wouldn't not be able to recall most of what happened to me again. hahaha. Ulyanin lang ang peg ko forever.


Yesterday, I was "general" cleaning my room that is filled with mementos and "garbages" from 2013 and years prior to that then I stopped because I got lazy. Pero last na katamaran na 'yun, I'm a changed girl. hahahahahahahaha. Medyo nakaka-stress lang maalala ng past. Saka diba, general cleaning my room on new year's eve won't make it clean the whole year. Kailangan consistent sa paglilinis whole year round. 

Let's be consistent, Tin!!!!
Consistent in going "uphill"
Consistent in doing the right things.
Consistent in making better choices.


Thank you, universe for a life-changing 2013! I mean, ako pa rin 'to but I'm definitely better than who I am before. 

 Saka kailangan ayusin ang system because even if it's embarrassing to admit, wala talaga kong plano. Most people make plans for all aspects of their lives while I'm here busy watching them because I can't seem to think of any plans for myself. 

Then I thought that maybe not planning anything is the "plan" that works best for me. Maybe I just have to focus on the things I do day by day and see where this is going. Sincere and consistent efforts na lang siguro rather than making New Year Resolutions and plans na hindi ko naman talaga na-a-accomplish. 

'Cause if there's one thing that I learned from 2013 is that, it's the little things you do everyday that matters the most. They do add up. Maybe if I focus on "upgrading" and learning more about me I'd be able to see myself in a bigger picture someday. Yes, wala pa kong ma-focus na kahit anong goals for now pero I can divert and focus on achieving happiness at kung anik anik. I shall have my own plans for myself someday. Pero nasa process pa rin ako of finding out kung ano ba talaga. Late bloomer kasi eh. hahahaha

Happiness, blessings, wealth, good health, peace, and raket 2014!
More opportunities, more experiences, more adventures, more risks and, more challenges 2014!

At kailangan consistent ako!! Hindi lang sana 'to dala na pwede kang magbagong buhay tuwing new year. 

Let's be consistent, 2014!
Cheers to my 3rd year of blogging!
Surprise me, year of the wooden horse!

P.S. Ang hilig ko sa ! hahaha !!!!!

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