Yoogane, Il Terrazzo

Back to Korean Cuisine!

Months ago in one of my Korean Restaurants post, a reader commented that I should try Yoogane's Dak (Chicken) Galbi too. I've never forgotten that I should try this place out though obviously, it took me several months before I got to eat there.


Their kimchi was super spicy it may numb your tastebuds. Myeolchi Bokkeum which remains to be one of my favorite korean sidedish, Gamja Jorim (baby potatoes), pickled radish and carrots,  beansprouts and cabbage.

The process of stir-frying (?) Yoogane's Famous Dak Galbi

They pull the exhaust closer to the cooking pan.
This is great because the smell of Korean food sticks to your clothes. Seriously.


Dak Galbi
P 285.00

My spiciness threshold usually "soars" whenever I eat Korean cuisine. As in it's the only spicy food I can bear but with Yoogane's Dak Galbi? My tongue became numb but as always, that didn't stop me from enjoying this dish.

This is best paired with rice or perhaps with an additional order of mozzarella cheese to balance the flavor especially for those who can't eat super spicy food.
P 270.00

I prefer Samgyeopsal with "grilling experience" ahaha or better yet, unlimited samgyeopsal (123) but theirs isn't bad but the ssangchu (lettuce) was bitin.
Free Yakult

Overall, I enjoyed dining here at Yoogane. The much-raved Dak Galbi did not disappoint and the prices are reasonable because the servings are huge.

Looking forward to my next visit.
I shall try the other variants of their galbi.

P.S. To my Korea dream, I shall. HAHAHAHAHA. I shall continue dreaming. Toinks.

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  1. great post! I'm quite happy to stumble across your blog! I've always wanted to follow blogs focusing on korean cuisine that's based in the Philippines. :D hoping to read more of your exciting food trips! :)

  2. Hi Cryz! Thank you. Glad to be of help to another hansik lover :))

  3. great post, I really love dak galbi of yoogane especially when you add mozzarella cheese

  4. yoogane's dak galbi is my ultimate stress buster.

  5. finally a big event was over and successful, now time to eat at yoogane to distress myself

  6. mau instagram account na si yoogane check niyo yooganeph

  7. try niyo yung korean beef stew ng yoogane, masarap