Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu, Quezon Ave (Favorite lang?? HAHAHA)

First visit link: here.
Second visit link: here.

Nag-crave kami sa isaw eh, ayan. 

The burgis way of satisfying isaw cravings is to go straight to the nearest Tong Yang branch.

We went to this newly-opened restaurant somewhere in Q.C but was disappointed with the choices so we decided to eat here in Tong Yang instead. 

When a new option fails you, you'd  have to go back to your sure ball and thus, here we are once again. 

It took me three visits to realize that I love these chicken wings. 

As usual, their sushi choices aren't to die for but okay in satisfying one's cravings.
Someone got creative with the soups... for the first time.

I have two previous posts about this so if you want more, I linked both posts at the beginning (assuming you missed reading that part).


What kept me LSSed for the past two days is an OST from the movie "Frozen", entitled "For the First Time in Forever".

That movie is so underrated here in our country and I firmly believe it deserves more raves than what it is having at the moment. Now go!!!! Watch!! Sana meron in 3D. :))))

"I know it sounds so crazy to dream I'd find romance. But for the first time in forever, I think I've got the chance."


"You're worth melting for."

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