Christmas Season Update! (Light Shows etc.)

"Tatlong araw na lang, Pasko na!"

Ako: O_O

If you're gonna ask me what happened to me these past days, I wouldn't be able to answer you. I can't decide whether there wasn't something significant that happened or everything was so sudden I couldn't remember any.

 Time flies you wouldn't even realize that a week has already passed. And now, what? It's only three days before Christmas and most people I know, myself included, are doing last minute Christmas shopping. (I really wish I have tons of cash that what I did or will be doing tomorrow is legit shopping) 

Again, typhoon Yolanda that devasted Eastern Visayas last month has a great impact for the way we feel now. A month ago a lot of people were thinking not to celebrate extravagant Christmas anymore in sympathy with the victims. But as Christmas day comes nearer, we just couldn't let go of our years long tradition of how we celebrate December 25th. And thus, most of us are out doing last minute shopping etc.


I wish this season (all year round na lang pala) brings you joy (not only the joy you get from acquiring material things) peace and good health. 

I haven't been updating this blog that  I have a ton of backlogs I have yet to post so allow me to combine my re-visits or updates of the things I have blogged about last year, which out of "tradition", I visited again this year.


Hello Kitty Christmas at SM North! Last year's link: here.

Trinoma's Light and Sound Show. Last year's link: here.

Show is until January 5, 2014.
This twinkle effect is so cool, isn't it?

Ayala Triangle Garden's Light and Sound Show. Last year's link: here.

A lot of people still go there to watch and some even sit on the floor during the show. But personally, I didn't find it as jaw-dropping and entertaining like the past two years. The then 15 minutes show was cut into more or less 5 minutes long show for this year. Though I appreciated that they now have varieties, it's still lacking. But who am I to complain when it's for free, right? Not bad especially for first timers who have no expectations yet.

Serenitea's Jumbo Cup Days (December 18, 19, 20) Last year's link: here. 

And last December 20, I realized that I'm not into milk teas anymore. 

I only wanted to try it again just for the sake of it but I wasn't thrilled this time. I mean, the 2012 me was ecstatic when I heard that they brought back their Jumbo Cup promo. 

I didn't not enjoy my drink.
Good thing my nephew liked it and drank all of it!

Can I tell you whose fault is it?

The reason why I'm over milk tea is because I'm so busy obsessing over Matcha.

Play video before reading the next line.

The best way to forget something/someone is to find a replacement a.k.a rebound.

Allow time to do the trick. You will discover something new sooner. Finding a rebound or immediate replacement is unfair. HAHAHAHA

And below is my food rebound:

Family Mart's Matcha Ice Cream. Link: here
Obligatory ice cream picture.

Just because I find this twirl-all-you-can matcha ice cream so so so enjoyable and delicous that I keep coming back monthly, bi-monthly even,  to practice my skills.

From the super noob me last August, look at what I did when I went back last week. Definitely a  lot of improvement!

I'm not making it seem more enjoyable than it actually is or am I? Whatevs, the fact that I've "recruited" a lot of people into trying this ice cream too is cute. When we went to Family Mart last week, I bumped into a friend of mine and he told me that they were there since he got curious of the ice cream. Needless to say, I'm more influential than I think I am. Joke lang. Natawa lang ako talaga.

So there, 5 in 1 post.

Thank you:)

God Bless:)

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