La Creperie, EDSA Shangri-la

And it's French cuisine for dessert this time!

I've seen their branch at Eastwood Mall before though I never got the chance to try. But wanting to eat dessert (particulary gelato) while strolling around Shang yet not seeing any, La Creperie was like heaven-sent. 

Banana Foster
P 165.00

Crepe with bananas stewed in rum, butter, and sugar topped with vanilla ice cream

There was a subtle taste of cinnamon in this and good thing it wasn't like an in-your-face cinnamon taste because I wouldn't have enjoyed it if it was. The sweetness was okay, it's wasn't overly sweet, the crepe was soft and chewy and the vanilla ice cream on top balanced and put all the flavors together.

For some an order would be enough to be shared by two people but I ate this alone.

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