People's Park in the Sky, Tagaytay

a.k.a Rocky. Joke.
a.k.a Palace in the Sky

Is one of the must-visits when your in Tagaytay area. It is an unfinished presidential mansion/ guest house of the Marcos family. They where overthrown before completing the construction that's why.

Okay so this place is the highest point of Tagaytay (built in Mt. Sungay a.k.a ulit Mount Gonzales) and it's near Tagaytay Highlands. One of the "signs" of this place is the Pag-asa Doppler Station. "Ahh dun tayo? Sa may mataas na tower din?" 

 If you like to see the view that is also visible from Tagaytay Eye but afraid of  riding a Ferris Wheel, you may go here and see similar landscapes even higher and better actually but apart from seeing the impressive landscapes... IDK. Na-disappoint kasi ako sa state ng park mismo eh.

The entrance fee to this park is P 30.00/person. You may ride a jeepney for P 5.00 from the gate to the palace or you may just walk. Mind you, the walk uphill is not easy. 

 "Pano pa ko magpu-Pulag nito? Ito palang pagoda naaa."
"Training 'to!"

The Lady Mother of Fair Love
Strolling under the scorching heat of the sun.
Rather than a palace, the whole place looks like Tagaytay Ruins.

What mountain is that?
A lot of souvenirs are for sale.
Unfinished ampitheater.

People's Park Selfie

Unlike the chilly weather we're having these days, that one fated day, the sun decided that it was going to be a hot day and the winds decided not to blow too.
 Grabe, pagbalik ng Quezon City, mas malamig at mas mahangin pa dito. 
Aside from it being an unfinished park, it's also an unkempt and unmaintained park for crying out loud. Paid pa 'yan ah!!!! Di nga nila maayos 'yung sign. Ugh, ano 'to? Eoples K?

Or maybe it's because this place mirrors the Government of the Philippines, nagbabayad ka naman (ng tax) pero parang wala pa rin nangyayari. San napupunta 'yung entrance fee? Saka 'yung perang binabayad pang-renta ng mga nagtitinda sa loob? Uyyyyyy. hahahaha. Pero kagaya ng parati rin naman nating reaksyon dyan eh, at least maganda 'yung view ng paligid wala naman tayong magagawa (?). Hindi talaga mapipigilan isama ang usapin ng government sa post na 'to.

Also, maybe we would have appreciated it more siguro kung malamig and foggy nung nagpunta kami. Para lang kasing nags-stroll sa Luneta ganyan.

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