Japanese Treats: Pocky Midi (Matcha)

By Tin Gallemaso - 11:55:00 AM

I was supposed to post this last December but it's almost the end of January. Omg, time.  

Okay so last month while doing grocery, I found these matcha treats on the shelf (the other one was Meiji Kyo-Matcha Chocolate) and even though two boxes would cost more or less P 300.00, I still bought them. This on impulse overspending habit I have. -_-

I forgot the price.
12 sticks divided into 3 packets.

Notice that each stick has a "fat" coating of matcha chocolate which I prefer than the thin coating a regular-sized Pocky stick has. Although for 12 pieces per box? BITIN talaga. I remember getting a pack and telling myself to eat the two other packs after an hour or so but guess what? I ate everything in one sitting. Effort pa sa pagtatago.
I shall be able to read you soon, Japanese characters.

As for the taste, it doesn't taste strong. It's a creamy version of matcha which is preferred by most people I know. Although I love anything matcha, I'm more satisfied whenever I eat "strong" variants that leave a bitter aftertaste. HAHAHAHA. Kyo-matcha Chocolate tastes like that and I'll be posting it here too... soon. :))


I bought this in Cherry Foodarama in Congressional Avenue. I just don't know if they've restocked 'cause the last time I checked, all of their matcha (this, kitkat and meiji) were already out of stock.

Matcha treats were definitely cheaper in Cherry but if you're a little impatient, really want to satisfy your matcha cravings, or no Cherry branch is nearby, Family Mart is  selling these matcha treats too. Also, don't forget to try their ice cream if you're going there!  I wish it's a matcha day for you since they now have dark chocolate and white chocolate ice creams which they serve alternately if I'm not mistaken. 

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